Drivers fined for flashing headlights at oncoming cars to warn them of police speed trap

  • Tickets have already been issued for motorists who ‘misuse’ their headlights

  • Critics say the money-making exercise would erode public support for police

For years, drivers who pass a police speed trap have flashed their headlights at oncoming cars to warn them to slow down.

But this spirit of friendly co-operation could become a thing of the past after one police force caught almost as many drivers who flashed their lights as actual speeders.

In an anti-speeding campaign, Lancashire Police handed out 23 tickets for breaking the limit – and 20 for ‘misuse of headlights’.

Critics said it was a money-making exercise that would erode public support for the police, while the AA said imposing the £30 fines created a ‘legal and moral minefield’.

But the police insisted that warning other drivers of a speed trap was ‘a dangerous practice’.

Lancashire traffic officer PC Antony Gray said: ‘Potentially they are putting lives at risk.

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